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One of the main characters
{{Infobox_character|name = Randy "Ryo" Maclean|image = Randy Ryo Maclean.jpg|imagecaption = Ryo Maclean (Fake 2nd)|aliases = Ryo|affiliation = New York Police Department - 27th Precinct
Special Crime Investigation Unit|marital = In a relationship with Dee Laytner|birthDate = Unknown|species = Human|gender = Male}}One of the main characters
== Appearance ==
== Appearance ==

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One of the main characters


Ryo is a Japanese-American man with a slim, fit build, chestnut brown hair and pitch black eyes.  He is a couple inches shorter than his partner, Dee Laytner. Both he and Dee are in their late twenties. 

While on the job, he dresses professionally in loose-fitting suits.  In his off hours, he has been shown to wear a t-shirt and jeans combos as well as button-down tops and khakis.  


Ryo is a kind, but reserved individual - some (Dee) would even say cold.  Others describe him as “reliable” but “out of it”, likely meaning that he is a good investigator but socially clueless.  As a detective, Ryo brings a number of skills to the table, including deductive reasoning, stealth and marksmanship. He usually carries and uses his side arm, but assists the force sniper team if the situation calls for it.

Ryo is excellent with children, speaking to them with gentleness and understanding.  He does not talk down to or patronize them, and this show of respect earns him their affection in turn.  However, he can be a little too trusting with them; Bikky lied to him about his father and Carol snuck out of his apartment when she was under his protection.  Despite this, he isn’t soft about issuing disciplinary action when needed.

Ryo enjoys reading and cooking, and keeps his apartment clean and in order. 

Unlike his partner, Ryo is responsible with his finances.  He doesn’t necessarily care about money and is quite generous with it when moved by compassion, but he does save conscientiously and plans ahead.  Shortly after adopting Bikky, he was already considering the financial adjustments needed to support his charge, both in the short and long term.

Ryo has dated and slept with women in the past, but apparently did not acknowledge his sexuality much (or possibly at all) until he met Dee, as while he was contemplating his partner’s orientation shortly after their meeting, he told himself not to think about it or he’d “finally have to admit some stuff” about himself.  His refusal to accept his feelings and/or orientation leads to a quite of bit of tension and misunderstanding between himself and Dee. As such, he can’t understand why he feels jealous when others flirt with Dee, and takes it out on him by acting petty and childish. After JJ kissed Dee, Ryo stacked books and files on his desk to serve as a barricade between himself and Dee, all the while claiming that he didn’t care.





  • Ryo wears reading glasses.
  • In the 27th precinct’s station-wide shooting practice, he took first place.
  • At some point, he had an army buddy who taught him how to make crude bombs.
  • Ryo is one year older than Dee.
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