Recurring Character in love with Dee

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Not much is known about JJ’s upbringing, family or history.  What is known is that he and Dee were acquaintances at the police academy and possibly worked together in uniform.  

Some time after graduation, JJ became a sniper for the New York police force and transferred to the 27th precinct, where he was reunited with Dee.

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Detective Dee Laytner

JJ and Dee went to the police academy together.  JJ was smitten with Dee and constantly followed him around, declaring his love and lust for him.  The situation bordered on stalking; Dee moved from the area after graduating just to get away from him.

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  • Despite the series taking place in America, JJ refers to Dee as “senpai”, the Japanese term used to refer to a coworker with higher seniority.  The reason for this is not explicitly explained, but he may do this in order to endear himself to Dee, who is attracted to the half-Japanese Ryo.
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