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After their first meeting, Ryo described Dee as overly-friendly, borderline obnoxious, and in-your-face but impossible to hate with something that attracted others to him.  His laid back nature and sense of humor may be part of why others like him, but it can be a double-edged sword in that he often isn’t taken seriously.  

While Dee is an intelligent investigator, he is also operates by his own rules and hates dealing with the bureaucratic end of investigative work.  Chief Smith described it as “happy-go-lucky, loosey-goosey, who-gives-a-good-goddamn attitude”. His maverick style of dealing with people usually results in extra paperwork (hoisted on Ryo) that includes apology letters and headaches for his bosses.  Nonetheless, he is calm under pressure, quick thinking and good enough at his job to keep it. And while he has a hard time getting started on basic tasks such as paperwork and household chores, he does finish them to completion once he gets started.

Dee’s upbringing has made him a far more suspicious and streetwise than his partner, Ryo.  While Ryo is more compassionate and trusting, Dee isn’t as easily moved by sob stories, though he does care about the individuals involved.

Dee claims to hate children, but he is good with them in his own way, playing the part of the fun uncle or older brother.  His only real animosity is towards Bikky, who blocks his advances towards Ryo at every given opportunity. In Volume 1, he enthusiastically gives some of Bikky’s friends questionable advice on how to deal with a bear.

He is openly bisexual, and quick to correct anyone who calls him gay.  He is apparently an excellent kisser; the third time he kissed his partner, Ryo slid to the floor after he was released, unable to stand.

Dee can be a bit superficial and narcissistic, initially only listing physical traits that attracted him to a partner,  and nothing in regards to personality or character. When Ryo asked him if he liked women, Dee responded by saying that she had to be perfect - not too fat or skinny and a “mega babe” - or the equivalent of himself in hotness.  As for men, Dee stated that Ryo is his ideal, though whether he was referring only to his looks is unclear.

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  • Dee is a casual smoker.
  • In the 27th precinct’s station-wide shooting practice, he took fifth place.  He claims to be a better shot in the field.
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