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Carol’s mother met her father when she was 18 years old.

Like Bikky, Carol’s father is a criminal.  When she is introduced, Bikky informs Ryo and Dee that her father was arrested for a bank robbery, but was then hospitalized in the police hospital for lung cancer.  Her father wanted to renounce his criminal ways, but was arrested before he could do so. Carol’s family is not poor, but they did lack the funds to pay for his bail, and Carol turned to pick-pocketing to raise the money needed for his release.

Carol lives with her Aunt Elina.

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Carol and Ryo didn’t get off to a good start because she ran into him and stole his wallet.  Fortunately for Ryo, Dee immediately recovered and returned it to him. She apologized to Ryo and warned him not to look so “out-of-it”, which makes him an easy target.  Ryo forgave her, and he and Dee let her off with a warning. Ryo’s annoyance dissipated right away upon learning of the situation with her father.

Later, Carol stole a wallet from a criminal named Howard Goldman (no relation to Bikky), and then discovered the body of a reporter killed by him.  He tried to detain her, but she broke free of his grasp and hit him in the head with a bottle. She fled, ran into Ryo, and was taken into protective custody.  The wallet was later revealed to contain photo negatives of a crime. Knowing that she was still in danger, Ryo offered to let her stay with him until they caught the men who were after her.  As he was tucking her in for the night, he asked her why she was pick-pocketing when her family was not hard up for money, admitting that he did a background check on her and spoke to her aunt.  She explained her father’s situation, saying that she wanted to get him out of jail.

Later that night, Carol snuck out of Ryo’s apartment and found herself once again threatened by bad guys and would likely have been killed.  Luckily, Bikky came to her rescue, followed shortly by Ryo and Dee. After the incident was over, she broke down in tears and cried in Ryo’s arms.  Ryo later used his savings to pay her father’s bail.

Since then, their relationship can be characterized similar to that of siblings or perhaps uncle and niece.

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  • Carol is three years older than Bikky.
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