Bikky Maclean (Goldman) is a half white (unspecified nationality), half black (also unspecified nationality) street kid. His father was murdered during a drug deal gone bad. Fortunately, he was adopted by Detective Randy "Ryo" Maclean.

Appearance Edit

He inherited blond hair from his mother.  He hates his hair because it takes a long time to dry and because he was teased for it.  He usually keeps his hair tied back in a small ponytail and covers it with a baseball cap (worn backwards), with the series title on it.

Bikky is often seen wearing roller skates and is very proficient with them.  He frequently uses them to flee from bad guides or Dee, and hides important objects in them.

Personality Edit

Bikky is independent and generally follows his own rules.  When it comes to authority figures, he only shows respect to those he likes.

Bikky is a scrappy fighter and refuses to be cowed by adults, no matter if its a criminal or a police officer.  Given the opportunity, he will dodge, punch and kick his way out of harm. He uses these, as well as surprise attacks, to protect his friends. 

Despite his academic difficulties, Bikky is a quick thinker.  When the men who murdered his father tried to abduct him, he clung to an unconscious Dee so tightly, they were forced to bring the detective along. 

Bikky is a restless sleeper; when sharing a bed with others, he often winds up with his hands or feet in the other person’s face.  Dee is the most frequent recipient of his nighttime movements.

Even after being taken in by Ryo, Bikky committed a few petty crimes.  Ryo and Dee came across his cases during a brief assignment working in the juvenile crimes division.  Ryo’s anger and warning that Bikky “wouldn’t know what hit him” if he continued, scared him enough to back off.

History Edit

Bikky is the son of an unknown white woman and the late Dick Goldman, a transporter for narcotic drugs.  When his father was murdered for skimming from one of his clients, Bikky was brought in to help identify his father’s body.  Understandably, he freaked out and tried to run away, but was caught by Detective Dee Laytner and placed in an interrogation room.  He remained silent and defiant until Detective Ryo Maclean offered him hot chocolate and empathized with him over his loss. Ryo held Bikky as he cried and served as a calming influence while he was interrogated by Dee.

Goldman gave Bikky the drugs he’d stolen, a fact which Bikky failed to share with Ryo.  Dee deduced this later when they were both abducted by Goldman’s murderers. Bikky had hidden the drugs in the bottom of his roller skates, and only removed it after the police arrived to investigate.  The police found both him and the drugs, giving them the evidence they needed to arrest his abductors and thus, avenge his father.

As his father was Bikky’s only known relative, he would have likely been given over to foster care or an orphanage once he was removed from his home.  Fortunately, Ryo Maclean decided to adopt him, and the two have been living together in Ryo’s apartment ever since.

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Trivia Edit

  • One of Bikky’s frequent crimes is stealing the wheels off of bicycles.  His record is 30 bikes. What he does with the wheels is unknown.
  • Bikky is three years younger than Carol.
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